The Rebrand

Change is good. And necessary at times. If you’ve been following me prior to this post then you may have encountered my poorly constructed website, blogs that were random and didn’t really have any connection, and there was generally no cohesiveness anywhere to be found. I knew I wanted to write, but I didn’t know how to do it (well). I finally collected my thoughts, after quitting my job that was killing me slowly, and here we are. The rebrand. It’s still authentically me, but better. 

I will still continue to blog about mental health because that is of the utmost importance to me. But now it’s going to be more. How to deal with anxiety and mental health issues on a day to day basis. How to travel and fulfill your wanderlust despite the battles you might be fighting in your mind. I want to share my stories all while helping others live life to the fullest, and not let these mental obstacles stand in their way. I firmly believe that up until this point I personally haven’t been vulnerable enough and I haven’t dug deep enough, which is why I’m still not where I want to be. That changes today. Full transparency and full vulnerability. I want to make a change, and I will. 

These times we live in today are crazy and uncertain. I think that if we come together and share are struggles with one another we will realize that we aren’t alone. Together we can grow, become stronger, and happier all together. Cheers to fresh beginnings and moving forward, no matter what!



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